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A hanging scroll, ink and mineral pigments and gilt on silk. This painting depicts the Empress Jingo catching a fish without bait, portending a successful invasion of Korea. Towards the end of the Togagawa era there was alot of dissent, and the movement for the "restoration" of the Emperor was threatening the shoganate. Ukita Ikkei (1795-1859)was a loyalist and as a leading member of the revived Imperial court yamoto-e painting tradition, expresses his dissention via this painting honoring the mythology of the Imperial court. It subtly invokes an image of the popular Ebisu and Daikoku, but his politics were not camouflaged enough and he was arrested and imprisoned then died soon after his release. Overall size 61.75" h x 20.75" w (220cm x 52.7cm), Image size 34.25" x 13.75" (87cm x 35cm)